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Jeremy Clarkson vs Meghan Markle

December 20, 2022

As a fan of "The Grand Tour" and Jeremy Clarkson, it's no secret that I have always enjoyed his wit and humor. However, his recent column in The Sun on Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, breaking the record for complaints to the UK's watchdog has left me feeling somewhat conflicted.

On one hand, I understand that Clarkson is known for his controversial and sometimes provocative views, and I have always appreciated his irreverent sense of humor. As a public figure and journalist, he has the right to express his opinions and share them with the world.

However, in this particular case, I feel that his comments may have crossed a line. The Duchess of Sussex has faced a significant amount of negative media attention and public scrutiny, and I do not think it is fair to suggest that she is somehow responsible for the high number of complaints made to the watchdog. This is a serious accusation, and one that I do not think is supported by the facts.

Moreover, even if one were to agree with Clarkson's views on the Duchess of Sussex, I believe it is important to express those views in a respectful and civil manner. Personal attacks and derogatory language have no place in public discourse, and I believe that Clarkson's column fails to meet this standard.

As a fan of "The Grand Tour," I will continue to enjoy the show and the wit and humor of its hosts. However, I do not agree with Clarkson's views on this particular issue, and I believe that it is important to consider a variety of viewpoints and sources when forming opinions and making decisions.

Ultimately, everyone has the right to their own opinions and the freedom to express them. If someone's views or actions bother or offend us, we have the choice to simply not watch or read anything they produce. It is important to remember that we can disagree with someone's views without engaging in personal attacks or tearing them down.

As a well-informed individual, it is important to consider the credibility and reliability of sources when seeking information and forming opinions. The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper, has a history of publishing sensational headlines and controversial content, and has been criticized for its journalistic standards and ethical practices.

In fact, The Sun has faced numerous controversies and scandals over the years, including allegations of phone hacking, bribery, and unethical conduct. It has also been accused of promoting misinformation and spreading hate speech.

Given these concerns, it is important to approach information from The Sun with caution and to critically evaluate the accuracy and reliability of its content. It is up to each individual to decide which sources they choose to engage with and consider, and to be mindful of the potential biases and agendas of the media they consume.

Martin K. Baker - Senior Editor